Unique Ring (Diamond Cut)


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          Ring set with a transparent 16-facet diamond-cut cubic zirconia with a diameter of 3 mm. The ashes are integrated into the material by electromagnetic process and the zircon is mounted on a sterling silver or 10 karat yellow, white or pink gold ring. The ring is 3.5 mm wide. 

          Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted by Quebec jewelers and a certificate of authenticity is given with the shipment of your order. Unique and of superior quality, the wearing of this cinerary jewel is an intimate and original way to keep your loved ones close to you.

          Available in four metals:
          Sterling Silver
          Yellow Gold
          White Gold
          Rose Gold

          Width : 3.5 mm

          Number of facets: 16

          How to measure the ring circumference?
          There are three easy ways to know the size of your finger:
          1. Use a ring gauge (in a jewelry store);
          2. Measure a ring that you can wear on your finger;
          3. Use a string to measure the circumference of your finger, then measure it with a ruler in millimeters.

          Amount of ash needed: 1 teaspoon 

          Procedure for sending ashes for the Memorable Collection (2 options):

          Option 1: Bring the ashes yourself to our workshop located in St-Charles-Borromée (north of Joliette, Qc). Cremation Jewelries will contact you to make an appointment;

          Option 2: Routing the ashes to our workshop via Canada Post (or other carrier).


          1. Using a spoon, place about 1 teaspoons for each order in a small, airtight resealable bag or medicine container;

          2. Print the copy of your invoice OR on a sheet of paper, enter your full contact information and the number of your order that was provided to you at the time of your purchase;

          3. If shipped by Canada Post (or other carrier), place the ashes and paper inside an envelope, enter your contact information in the "sender" area and enter the following address in the "recipient" area:

          Cremation Jewelries
          660-D, rue de la Visitation
          St-Charles-Borromée, Québec
          J6E 7S3

          * It is strongly recommended that you use the service with tracking number and signature upon delivery from Canada Post and provide us with the tracking number.